Meet Our Team

Let us help guide you on your financial journey

We start out by being good listeners

We want to understand your goals. We want to hear about your plans. We want to learn about your family. When we really get to know you, we can help create a financial plan that fits your vision of the future, providing results and peace of mind.

Our team works hard to earn your trust

Investing for the future. Planning for retirement. Leaving a legacy of support for family or charity. Whatever you want your money to do, our Investments & Retirement Planning team can help. Our experience, insights, and full range of services gives you choices about where and how your money is invested, managed, and distributed.

What matters most to you?

It's important we understand what you are working toward. As a first step, we'll hold a planning meeting and ask you to outline your future plans and long-term goals. We know money is not just a financial issue, but an emotional one, too. We will lay out options in clear terms so you can understand how the decisions you make will affect you, your family and your heirs.

We are here to help you succeed

We're not here to offer a quick fix. Our team believes in developing long-term relationships. We are always here to help any time you have a question or want to discuss your investment plan. Give us a call and know we always enjoy hearing from you. Our team wants to give you the information you need and the attention you deserve.

It doesn’t stop with you

If your investment plan links to the next generation, rest assured we will take the time to get to know everyone involved. When it's time for your legacy to be passed on, having that relationship with your family members and other beneficiaries can help ease the financial transition.

Our experienced team of investment, trust, and retirement professionals is here to help you achieve your financial goals. No matter where you are on your financial journey, you can count on the Investments & Retirement Planning team to bring our expertise and client-centered approach to find the right solution for you.

Meet Our Team

Susan Daly
Sr. VP/Senior Trust and Compliance Officer
Anthony Sublett
Sr. VP/Senior Investment Officer
Angie Cantin
AVP/Senior Administrative Officer
Krista Duncan
Relationship Officer
Joyce Bohm
Relationship Officer
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