Interactive Teller Machines

Stop by. Say 'hello.' And enjoy speaking with a real person.

Our cutting-edge tech comes with a personal touch

Ready for a different way to use an ATM? Our Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) take the experience to a new level. On a private screen, you can contact a Bank of Missouri team member and get help with many of your financial matters.

Experience the ATM - upgradedĀ 

Sure, you can drive up to an ITM and just withdraw cash. What if you need to do something more? Or have an important question? Tap the screen and - presto! - you'll see a teller who can also see you. Don’t feel like talking? No problem. You can also communicate through on-screen text messaging.

  • Cash and deposit checks (receive a copy of the check on your receipt)
  • Deposit cash
  • Make withdrawals in many common denominations (not limited to $20s like most ATMs)
  • Break a larger bill
  • Make a loan payment
  • Ask questions about your account

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Frequently Asked Questions

We can cash a check to the exact amount, no deposit slip or envelope needed. Get started by inserting the check into the deposit slot when your teller is ready. After you see the image of the check on the screen, choose to deposit it or cash it. 

ITM deposits are credited to your account on the same day up until 7 PM on weekdays. Deposits made at the ITM on Saturdays process the next business day.

This is a later cutoff time than deposits made in one of our bank branches or through an ATM transaction, so be sure to take advantage of this extended cutoff for deposits at our ITMs!

The machine will read and count each bill and will display the deposit amount on the screen for verification. If you have several bills, we recommend adding about 30 at a time.

Yup! You can break a larger bill or even consolidate smaller bills into larger ones. The ITM has you covered. Simply touch the screen to start the process. You can also make withdrawals in many common denominations.

If you use the ITM as an ATM, it will function just like a regular ATM. Meaning when you make a withdrawal, in most instances you will get cash back in $20 bills.

Sure! The ITM works as a regular ATM until you tap the button to talk to us.

Forgot your debit card? No problem. You can use a driver’s license for identification at the ITM.

Simply use cash, a check or make a transfer from your Bank of Missouri account.

No, your account will be updated just as timely as it is when you come inside the bank.

You bet! We wouldn’t let just anybody handle your money. All interactive tellers have the same expertise as the staff you know and trust inside the bank lobby. 

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